AKTIVFIT Apparel (AKTV) is an original true lifestyle brand. The first of its kind, bringing you a unique style to the active lifestyle. This is where fashion meets fitness. A one of a kind brand for everything from the everyday active lifestyle to todays modern sports. With the progression of living a healthy lifestyle, AKTV offers a more edgy and hip side to the fitness clothing / apparel industry. With each generation, youths have become increasingly more aware of the importance of being active, whether it be through skateboarding/surfing or getting a gym membership. AKTV is a movement with bodybuilding / physique roots that evolved into something so much bigger than we've ever thought possible. It has become its own LIFESTYLE, with heavy influences from Basketball, Fashion and fitness / bodybuilding, AKTV is the first to be considered a fashionable street-wear fitness brand.

 Kristian Ramirez, the CEO and founder of the brand has a story behind the brand that sets it apart from the others. In high school, Kristian played a lot of sports. Having his aspirations to become in the Major Leagues fall short due to a leg injury, thats when he knew that its time to look for a solution to help others in the same predicament. While going to college at Brooklyn college, he continued to play sports just for the fact that he loved working out and fitness in general. Now he has put out a lifestyle brand that was literally a summary of his life... fitness, sports, traveling... just being active and enjoying life as it comes.